Interview with Takahiko Iimura now online

From: Brett Kashmere (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 08:12:42 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

The second edition of INCITE Journal's monthly interview series, BACK & FORTH, is now online. In this installment, CLOSE-UP founder and filmmaker Damien Sanville speaks to legendary media artist TAKAHIKO IIMURA about the 60s avant-garde scenes in Japan and America, his migration to New York, and his concept of video semiology:

Next month, the Winnipeg filmmaker and CINEFLYER publisher Clint Enns interviews Swedish artist Anders Weberg about his ephemeral, peer-to-peer media practice.

And coming soon: INCITE #2, "Counter-Archive," in print and online. Watch for details.


Brett Kashmere, Editor
INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media & Radical Aesthetics
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