searching for early experimental animation

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 05:19:25 PST

Dear Frameworkers,
Long term I have not been an active member here,
sorry. I started a class "photography as time
based art", where I like to go back to some
animation techniques as well as story telling
with images like in "La Jetee", with the goal of
inspiring hybrid media productions. Now I am
looking for some good examples of simple
animation techniques, that is experimental and
not as much narrative based as most animation

And here is my specific question:
I am having a movie in mind that I saw in
Chicago, unfortunately I do not remember with
whom and to which occasion, but it was
definitively not a pure animation program. I
remember the filmmaker being American and that it
was a very early avantgarde film, 50s or earlier,
made with paper cut-outs, black n white, with
white figures on black background, very weird,
very joyful and sarkastic, some of the figures
were skulls, skeletons, but also drawings from
19th century. The whole thing was so crude in its
humour that I disliked it when first seeing, but
it somehow really stuck in my head. Some of the
movements are similar to very late Kenneth Anger
movies (where Saturn, and other gods float around
in emtpy black space. The empty black space being
another marker). But it uses a lot more movements
and querky splits and metamorphosis.

Does that ring any bell with you? I might also
mix up some of the memories, not totally sure. I
was searching in several places, and I am just
clueless how to find that material again. If you
would have any idea, I would be really glad.

Thank you,

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