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Ashoka is looking for an Everyone a Changemaker™ film, can you help? Ashoka, GOOD, and GeniusRocket are partnering to develop a film which visualizes OR captures the sentiment of an Everyone A Changemaker™ world, where everyone has the self-permission to create positive change in their community, and where our collective intelligence and initiative will allow solutions to outrun the challenges we face. We are looking to you, our community of supporters, to create a video which makes this Everyone a Changemaker™ world accessible. Find out more. The Challenge: Create a film which leads up to and closes with the question: “How is the world different because you are here?” The winning filmmaker will be paid $3,000 for their work. Find out more and please spread the word.

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Subject: Re: suggestions? : sensory overload
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Date: Sunday, 24 January, 2010, 9:10

i understand 'sensory overload' in the art context as a specific term that may be used simply to define a work that uses audio/visual stimuli to induce body exhaustion/trance/annoyance/daze (depending on the context and creator's/receiver's intention). the more immersed the body is, the more effective the overload is. part of it is cognitive (data being processed by the brain), part of it is culturally situated (consciously-selected data to be processed). this reasoning encourages the creator to use more abstract-like sound and visuals, as these may concentrate and dissipate the receiver's perception, decreasing predictability and augmenting overload potential. throughout its history, the field of visual music offers interesting cases.

Scot Artford's 'Static Room' is a good example of a piece working with sensory overload (especially when watched at the CineChamber, with 10 projected screens surrounding you and insanely loud sound that require ear plugs).



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