Re: Research question: Plus-X Reversal

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 23 2010 - 13:27:52 PST

Quoting Mark Toscano <email suppressed>:

> I was thinking maybe Fred meant the 7361 b/w reversal print stock,
> which is indeed discontinued, so if you want to make prints from
> reversal b/w, you have to either make a dupe neg or use Plus-X or
> Tri-X as print stock and do it yourself or with an accommodating
> lab...

Yes, thanks.

Many decades ago for a film I started but never finished, I made a
tests of 16mm black and white camera emulsions as they might appear in
a film -- in other words, printed. I found I liked direct reversal
prints from Plus-X reversal much better than prints from Plus-X
negative, and much much better than prints from reversal to negative
then to reversal again. Direct reversal prints had a glow, a texture,
a richness unlike anything else. To me a true "reversal" process
should include reversal printing.

I never tested printing directly to reversal camera stock.

Fred Camper

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