Re: Research question: Plus-X Reversal

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 22 2010 - 11:13:53 PST

Not sure if I am misunderstanding you. I can't imagine that you mean that Plus-X Reversal is obsolete because it has been replaced by colour neg or something, given that you sensibly point out that all the different technologies, new and old, are a canvas of artistic possibilities from which an artist can choose.

However if you meant that it is obsolete in the sense of being no longer available, (You say "where art tho?") I should point out that thou art still available from Kodak as ever. Kodak have even recently updated their publicity still in fact:

(For some reason for the first few seconds I thought she was cutting her toenails!)

Even more suprisingly Tri-X Reversal is also still available in 16mm too!

They are both available in 100 and 400ft roll lengths and they are also both available in Super8 still too.

 I encourage anybody with the resources to do so to shoot some. It looks amazing! Really beautiful and an easy way to add some magic to your film.

 Sadly I expect if I shoot anything this next year it will probably be video, but we shall see what transpires! :)



> This is not to say that each person must consider every new
> technological development an "advance." Some might have no
> use for 3-D, or Imax, or multi-screen events. But every
> technological development is an "advance" if all it does is
> open up a new possibility. Unfortunately in some cases
> "advances" eventually make older possibilities obsolete.
> (16mm Plus-X Reversal, where art thou?)
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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