Re: Written texts in experimental film

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 00:22:40 PST

Robert Nelson's "Hauling Toto Big" has text superimposed over much of
it. It's one of my favorite films.

Ken B.

Quoting Marcos Ortega <email suppressed>:

> Isidoro Valcárcel Medina's La celosía (1972) is a literal
> transcription of Alain Robbe-Grillet's novel 'La Jalousie'.
> From Bonet & Palacio's 'Práctica fílmica y vanguardia artística en
> España, 1925-1981':
> "/A limit experience limit-experience undoubtedly more original and
> interesting is embodied by the film 'La celosía' (1972), by Isidoro
> Valcárcel Medina, a plastic artist akin to conceptualism in some of
> his works. It is a literal transcript or "adaptation" of the novel
> by Robbe-Grillet, starting literally from the text as the only
> visual and audio component. A film inevitably destined to cause an
> attitude in the audience: nearly two hours in length, without any
> "image" (except for a schematic sketch), rather than a text
> reproduced from beginning to end, without alteration (except that
> represented by the translation), but with many variations in the
> mode of transcription. There is, indeed, a real planning
> (decoupage) of the text, with caesuras determined subjectively by
> the author, so that a shot may contain a word, phrase, number, a
> paragraph, a fragment arbitrarily determined, or else the text read
> in voiceover. At times, the original French text is used, in
> others, reading is hampered in several ways: simultaneous
> asynchronous written text and spoken text, voiceovers, choppy
> sound, and so on. Taking the proposal to its logical conclusion,
> the film by Valcárcel Medina involves and questions notions of
> authorship and performance, perception and intelligibility,
> language/s and specificity, providing a truly unique
> 'anticinematográphic' challenge./"
> Quoting Kim Knowles <email suppressed>:
>> Dear Frameworkers,
>> I'm doing some research into written text in experimental film
>> and&nbsp; wondered if anyone had any suggestions of relevant
>> works. The&nbsp; research is part of a project exploring cognitive
>> responses to&nbsp; hybrid works of art combining text and image.
>> I'm looking at films&nbsp; such as Peter Rose's 'Secondary
>> Currents', Michael Snow's 'So Is&nbsp; This' and Hollis Frampton's
>> 'Zorns Lemma'. I'd really appreciate any&nbsp; ideas on this,
>> particularly in relation to contemporary practice. Is&nbsp; anyone
>> currently working in this area?
>> Many thanks!
>> Kim Knowles
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