1/13/10: Gallery400 Presents THE SPORTS SHOW

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jan 09 2010 - 14:19:23 PST


Happy 2010! I missed the announcements this week, so here's one for those
of you residing in Chicago...



* * *
Gallery 400 presents
curated by Ben Russell
Wednesday the 13th of January, 7:00-9:30pm
400 S Peoria, Chicago, IL

Go Fight Win! Experimental Film/Video For-Ever! Hoorah! Hoorah! Here We
Go Media, Here We Go! In the sporting spirit of Mathew Jinks' exhibition
"On Sundrun", in which a post-post-colonial game of cricket is re-presented
and re-invented, Gallery400 is foam-finger-waving proud to present a
double-header of films and videos that seek to address athletics in all of
its art-side incarnations. In the absence of $6 hot dogs and $7 Budweisers,
we've got a stadium's worth of bruisers ready to bring the (critical) pain -
from ethnographic melon tossing to video art ice skating, close-up baseball
to performative competitive swimming, ice hockey ankle-slashing to video
game basketball to Papua New Guinean cricket warfare, we've got more than
enough sports identification to fill up your art-team jersey closet forever
and ever. In fact, we're deploying so much sportsmanship that it seemed
only fair to spread this program out into two parts - let's call it Team
erePaperRadBrakhage vs Team LeachKildea, a match that is heretofore
unrivalled in (gallery) sports history. Show us your Midwestern team spirit
and brave that not-so-cold cold! There won't be any instant replay in this
game, and staying home will mean missing (among other things) *Trobriand
Cricket*, one of the best ethnographic films to slam dunk on this side of
the Pacific. THE SPORTS SHOW - it's the hottest event of the new decade!

Featuring: N!owa T'ama: The Melon Tossing Game by John Marshall (15:00,
16mm, 1970), Pop-Pop Video: General Hospital/Olympic Women Speed Skating
Dara Birnbaum (6:00, video, 1980), Soft Ticket by Lewis Klahr (7:00, 16mm,
2004), Atlanta by Miranda July (10:00, video, 2006), Valery's Ankle by Brett
Kashmere (33:00, video, 2006), *Robert Parish by Paper Rad (2:00, video,
2004)*, Western History by Stan Brakhage (8:00, 16mm, 1971), Trobriand
Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism by Jerry Leach and Gary Kildea
(53:00, 16mm, 1973)
TRT 136:00 (plus intermission)

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