International Film Festival Rotterdam's 2010 short-film lineup

From: WORM.kino (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 08:41:21 PST

A very happy new year to you all!

I'm delighted to be able to be able to point you towards hints of IFFR's
"Signals: Shorts" line-up which I've been programming with colleagues
Peter van Hoof, Juliette Jansen, Erwin van 't Haart, Sasha Bronwasser
and Theus Zwakhals over the last months.

Much to be thrilled by!

Hope to see some of you there soon.

Kind regards


ps the web version's here:

39th International Film Festival Rotterdam*
January 27 - February 7, 2010
· *Rotterdam reveals line up of short films in Competition*
· *IFFR 2010 presents 380 short and medium length films*
* *
*Thirty-one titles have been selected for the Tiger Awards Competition
for Short Films. The lineup includes films by Greg Smith (South Africa),
Mark Lewis (UK), Rosa Barba (Italy), Anna Abrahams (Netherlands), Mihai
Grecu (France), Phil Collins (USA), Mati Diop (Senegal), Ying Liang
(China), Cameron Jamie (USA) and Merve Kayan (Turkey).*
*In various program sections, the International Film Festival Rotterdam
2010 screens about 380 films of up to 60 minutes. The dedicated
'Spectrum: Shorts'-section of nearly 200 short films runs within the
festival from January 28 till February 1.*
*(See full Competition line up below)*

*Competition and Jury*
To raise the profile of short films as a highly influential form of art
but also a the realm in which cinema has been both democratized and
popularized by the online and digital developments, the International
Film Festival Rotterdam founded its Competition for short films in 2005.
This edition, thirty-one films of up to sixty minutes in length will be
presented to the international jury consisting of Jeremy Rigsby
(programmer of Media City Festival in Ottawa, Canada), Shai Heredia
(director of Filter India Festival, Mumbai, India) and Albert Wulffers
(filmmaker, writer, visual artist and teacher, The Netherlands). The
winners of the three equal Tiger Awards for Short Films, with prize
money of 3.000 euro each, will be announced on Monday February 1.
*Spectrum: Shorts*
From the overwhelming worldwide production, the IFFR has selected 210
short films, including thirteen 'short features' with durations between
forty and sixty minutes, for its dedicated section 'Spectrum: Shorts'.
All films are screened during a five-day event in festival location
Lantaren/Venster. Here festival audiences, filmmakers and industry
professionals gather to watch the films, introduce their works and meet
for getting the lowdown on the latest developments. The films are
grouped by four or five titles in screening slots of 80 minutes that
allow introductions and Q&A sessions. The Shorts Marathon, a usually
sold out program of repeat screenings, takes place on Saturday February 6.
Spectrum: Shorts 2010 presents six programs of narrative works including
premieres of medium lengths films by Geetu Mohan Das (India), José Luis
Torres Leiva (Chili), Terril Calder (Canada) and Julia Kozyreva
Furthermore, Spectrum: Shorts comprises a wide range of essayistic,
abstract and experimental short filmmaking by, among many others, Jem
Cohen (USA), John Price (Canada), Liu Wei (China), Kleber Mendonca Filho
(Brazil) and prolific US filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson who presents
four films in IFFR 2010: his short films Company Line and The Citizens
as well as his feature film Erie in Spectrum and the commissioned short
film BZV in the Africa focus program.
*Focus on Jim Jennings, homage to Frank Cole*
As part of Spectrum: Shorts, NYC-based filmmaker Jim Jennings will
present eight of his recent 16 mm works, all filmed on location in his
home town. Mostly edited in the camera Jennings' films are tributes to
the NYC landscape and urban architecture. Jennings will attend the
festival to introduce his films.
Within its Regained section, the festival presents a tribute to Canadian
filmmaker Frank Cole (1954-2000), who entered the Guinness Book of World
Records as the first man to cross the Sahara on foot. His murder in Mali
left us with a legacy of two features, a pair of award-winning short
films and a mystery that may never be solved. IFFR 2010 presents his
short documentaries A Documentary (1979), The Mountenays (1981) and A
Life (1986) as well as The Man Who Crossed the Sahara, Korbett Matthews
recent documentary about Cole. The program was curated and will be
introduced by Canadian filmmaker Mike Hoolboom. In the Spectrum section,
Hoolboom presents his documentary Mark, an elegiac portrait of his
friend and long time editor Mark Karbusicky.
*More shorts films in various program sections*
Giving each film its appropriate context, the IFFR presents many shorts
film in various sections of the festival together with feature length
films or as part of performances or installations.
Connected with IFFR's new initiative Cinema Reloaded (see, the special festival section Kino Climates
brings together, for the first time ever, organizers from some thirty
independent art house cinemas across Europe and beyond. Daily meetings
and debates that look to the future of independent theatrical film
distribution will be followed during the evenings by presentations,
screenings of 31 short films and live performance previews of hybrid
cinematic productions. Performing artists are among others: Martha
Colburn (with live music by Knalpot and composer Thollem Mc Donal), Greg
Pope & Mike Cooper, Floris Vanhoof, Pascal Baes and Gran Lux.
As in earlier editions, the IFFR presents online films. During the
festival, a jury will choose the best out of eight New Arrival films.
The online initiative New Arrivals
( is
organized by the IFFR in collaboration with Dutch public broadcaster NPS.
The program committee that selects films for Spectrum: Shorts consists
of IFFR programmers Peter van Hoof, Juliette Jansen, Erwin van 't Hart,
Sasha Bronwasser, Peter Taylor and Theus Zwakhals.
From Thursday January 21, the full festival lineup will be online on <>.
*Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2010:*
Backstory, Mark Lewis, Canada, 39', European premiere
Oops Wrong Planet, Anouk de Clerq, Belgium, 8', European premiere
Gaarud (The Spell), Umesh Vinayak Kulkami, India, 10'
Bruits de fond, Jean-Claude Ruggirello, France, 17', world premiere
Hoe vertel ik het mijn ouders #1 (How to Explain My Parents #1), Lemert
Engelberts, Netherlands, 9', world premiere
Rendez-vous à Stella Plage, Shalimar Preuss, France, 18', world premiere
Drömmar från skogen (Dreams from the Woods), Johannes Nyholm, Sweden, 9'
La trilogie chrysalides (The Chrysalides Trilogy), Patrick Bernatchez,
Canada, 17'
White Shoe Station, Sara Preibsch, UK/Germany, 15', world premiere
Travelling Fields, Inger Lise Hansen, Norway, 9', international premiere
For Cultural Purposes Only, Sarah Wood, UK, 9'
Oxigen (Oxygen), Adina Pintilie, Romania, 40', world premiere
Wednesday Morning Two A.M., Lewis Klahr, USA, 6', European premiere
Underexposed, Greg Smith, France, 23', world premiere
Centipede Sun, Mihai Grecu, France, 10', world premiere
Soy mi madre, Phil Collins, USA, 28'
Monuments, Redmond Entwistle, UK, 30', European premiere
Mudanza (Removal), Pere Portabella, Spain, 20'
Sex Is Sentimental, Erik van Lieshout, Netherlands, 21'
Empirical Effect, Rosa Barba, Italy, 27', world premiere
Atlantiques, Mati Diop, France/Senegal, 27'
Heliocentric, Semiconductor, UK, 15', world premiere
Wei wen (Condolences), Ying Liang, China, 19', international premiere
M, Félix Dufour-Laperrière, Canada, 8', international premiere
Out of Love, Brigitte Staermose, Denmark, 29', international premiere
Dissonant, Manon de Boer, Belgium, 11', world premiere
Desert 79°: 3 Journeys Beyond the Known World, Anna Abrahams,
Netherlands, 18', world premiere
Palmele (Palm Lines), George Chiper, Romania, 17'
Bu sahilde (On the Coast), Merve Kayan, Turkey, 21', world premiere
Over the Bones, Charlotte Ginsborg, UK, 30'
Massage the History, Cameron Jamie, USA, 10', world premiere

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