Call for Submissions and Recommendations for new LUX/Light Industry Publication

From: Thomas Beard (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 05:56:41 PST

*Call for Submissions and Recommendations for new LUX/Light Industry
Publication *

*Deadline: 26 February 2010*

*Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New Writing* is a forthcoming
publication collecting the best new international writing on and about
artists' film and video, published by LUX, London and Light Industry, New

Inspired by Live Art Development
*Live Art Almanac*, *Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New
Writing*will collect recent writing on and about international
artists' moving image
in all of its forms - including but not limited to essays, interviews,
reviews, news stories, obituaries, commentaries, artists' writings,
manifestos, letters, emails, rants, etc. The publication aims to be
non-partisan in its approach, capturing the breadth and diversity of
perspectives in this area of practice.

We are seeking submissions and recommendations for material now. What have
you seen in the last two years (2008-2009) that you feel has captured or
reflected on issues and debates which have currency in contemporary artists'
film and video? We are primarily looking for writing that has been published
or circulated in the past two years, but will consider
unpublished/undistributed writing as well. What is important is that the
pieces be thoughtful, engaging contributions to discourse in this area. We
are interested in things you have read, but also that you have written, the
only limit is that texts should be under 5,000 words in length. Although the
publication will be in English, we are also interested in texts in

The collection will be a text-only print-on-demand book, and it will be sold
at cost-price (to cover printing and distribution). We are therefore unable
to pay fees for contributions. The goal is ultimately to disseminate
information and promote new writing and writers.

The selection for *Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New
Writing*will be be made jointly by LUX, London and Light Industry, New
York, and the
book will be published in Summer 2010.

To send a recommendation or submission please email
(address suppressed) the following information:

where published
publication date
a short statement as to why you consider the recommendation to be
appropriate for the collection

If possible, include an electronic version of the text, ideally in Word or
other text format.

We will seek permissions from authors and publishers prior to publication.

*Deadline for submissions is 26 February 2010.*

LUX is a UK-based arts agency which explores ideas around artists' moving
image practice through exhibition, distribution, publishing, education and
 Light Industry is a venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New

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