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As a further note,
Until the films are actually seen by the internet public it is hard to
gauge to what extent it will be seen as sexually provocative. I have
found that if you can find services as others have suggested that are
more liberal, those services are more beneficial than hosting yourself
because of the ability to provide extra advertising for your videos and
website. My wife posted a film on 10 different hosting sites as well as
through our personal site and the number of links and derivatives of
where the video could be found grew on its own. For example a video
posted on youtube will automatically be posted and regenerated into
several languages and can be seen in different countries. This would
also generate foreign language URL's to your personal website.
If your only goal is to host through your personal site than it becomes
difficult to control the online video hosting sites. Most every site
makes you sign a form saying if you upload, they have the right to do
whatever they want with your content. The internet archive is probably
the best at bypassing this forfeit of user rights.
Also, depending on the images and editing used you have to consider the
compression of some of these flash hosting sites. My wife has films she
cannot display on the web because it is not currently possible to
compress for web use in a way that does not distort the original images
she has created. For example, vimeo does an ok job for standard users
but the pro account and HD upload is definitely worth it if you like
their services, you plan to upload a lot of content and their
compression handles your films well.
I also suggest exploring Vimeo, Vodpod, BlipTV, and the Internet
Archive. It just depends on your content needs for sharing, embedding,
compression, and content allowances. But you pretty much won't know
until you try.

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I'm looking for a hosting service, along the lines of Youtube, for a
few video art pieces for my website. The main reasons Youtube wont
work is that they are longer (15 min. +), sometimes quite sexually
explicit (there's a very very long watersports shot in one video...)
and almost entirely found footage. I might be able to argue fair use
as far as the appropriated material goes, but the length and perv
factor, I don't think so. I think I'd have the same problem with
Vimeo, but I'm not sure - does anyone use that service? Any other
suggestions? Is there one that is particularly sympathetic to the sort
of production Frameworkers do?




For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.