Re: Dog Star Man and L. L. Bean & LEVI'S

From: Jason Halprin (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 20 2009 - 10:55:41 PST

Playing devil's advocate here, shouldn't we be more concerned that the use of O Pioneers or Whitman has taken work away from a copywriter? Realistically these commercials traffic in imagery that was avant-garde, and is now commonly understood to be just one way to use cinematic as lexicon. If anything I find these particular Levi's commercials to be a refreshing change from the celebration of conformity and blandness that is this year's batch of Gap commercials. I am disturbed by the violent, nationalistic overtones of one commercial, and this association between product and patriotism. However, for any of us to expect that what is today's groundbreaking visual art will not be tomorrow's advertising cliche is to ignore a fact of life for an Artist in a modern capitalist society.

Season's Greetings...(by less stuff, buy less stuff, bi-stuff).
-Jason Halprin

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