A.I.E.F.F. Call for Submissions

From: Marcos Ortega (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 00:57:29 PST


   /As we promised, we are letting you know that the Australian
International Experimental Film Festival is now calling for
submissions for the 2010 festival that will take place 30thrd May./
April ? 3/We are looking forward to receiving and seeing your exciting
work, be it video, film or expanded cinema, and hope that we will have
a chance to show an exceptional programme that includes your
submission. The process to participate is reasonably simple and the
online entry, as well as the A.I.E.F.F. regulations, can be found on
our website at the addresses below. Just follow the instructions in
filling out the entry form and those that follow after the form has
been submitted. Please bear in mind that this is our first year and
even though we have tested our system there is a chance of glitches so
please let us know if you have any problems because our priority is to
your work and not to our system we?ve set in place.Closing date for
submissions is 15th February 2010 (postmarked)/

   /Regulations for entry are available at

   /Online entry forms can be completed at http://www.aieff.org/entry.php/

   Best regards,

Marcos Ortega

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