Re: building a camera

From: Paul Krimmer (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 10 2009 - 09:36:45 PST

well - lumiere used their cameras as projectors and viceversa.
i do have an old hand crank camera from 1926. basically of course you
can build the camera out of the toy-handcranked projector. just make it
lightsafe and build external spools on it (for longer record-time - you
could use a filmcan - just make something to fix it to the camera - best
is to use whats fitable) or use inside the box the 100' daylight spools
for 35mm. you can find them on ebay or at
their are some mechanical stuff like sharpness, hmm just put a spiral
around the objective with and on the otherside smth. like a wheel which
presses on it. the rest you only have to make it lightsafe. i can send
you some pictures of the camera if i find time, allright?!
but generally the malteser-cross is the heart of the cinema, as long as
it rolls you can record film. a yes ... the shutter, you have to put it
in front of the picturewindow, not like at a projector behind it. Once i
thought about making my own metallparts like the 35 handcranked to build
in some secret ideas ;) but lets die on another day.

greets, paul

craig coleman schrieb:
> Does anyone know if there is a resource that shows how to build a camera similar to the Lumiere
> hand cranked box camera? Are their any filmmakers who are building their own cameras to shoot
> with? I have an old toy hand cranked projector which I thought might be adapted into a camera,
> which is probably the easiest place to start but I would love to find some actual plans or
> instructions to use as a guide.
> Thank you,
> Craig Coleman
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