Re: looking for good intro text - re Art Cinema & Belson resources

From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 17:30:59 PST

We've seen a copy of Art Cinema and are disappointed about its errors and inaccuracies.

Example, all 3 sections which mention Jordan Belson contain errors. Belson was not, of course, a pioneer in liquids and overhead projectors, nor did he use these at The Vortex Concerts in 1957-1959.

His optical bench was not similar to John Whitney, Sr.'s, nor the machine described in Art Cinema (as confirmed by Belson). Credits for his film Epilogue (2005) are incorrect here; Belson was not the producer or editor, he is the Director. The Editor was David Lebrun, Producer was Cindy Keefer.

That's just a few...perhaps we should put at least the Belson corrections online on CVM's Belson Research pages.

Re the Belson and Vortex topic, a very short essay derived from my current research has been published in Leonardo Electronic Alamanac. See second half, re Vortex Concerts.

Keefer, Cindy. 'Raumlichtmusik' - Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema Immersive Environments. Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Creative Data Special Issue. Leonardo: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, and MIT Press. October 2009. PDF.

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Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music

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>>Hi Bernie--------
>>You will probably not like this message.
>>But yesterday I received my copy of a new Taschen book, Art Cinema
>>(9783822835944), that takes a swipe at the huge project of connecting cinema, in
>>its origins and full sweep as art, with the contemporary art media. In it you
>>will find Bresson, Pipilotti Rist, Aernout Mik, Len Lye, Muehl, Sharits, Arrabal,
>>Tracey Moffatt, Dreyer, Greenaway, etc. etc. (but no community-based video at
>>all). Of course this book is a failure, but it connects viscerally with things
>>students are interested in (sex, surrealism, movies), and is loaded with pix and
>>lite on text. In fact, I will consider it as a textbook for certain of my own

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