Parkour films screen at Yale University Dec 8th 7pm, Christopher May of T.I.E.

From: Grant Wiedenfeld (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 06 2009 - 14:50:05 PST

Super8 & 16mm short films from Argentina, plus works from Austria & Colorado.
7pm December 8th at 212 York St. in New Haven, Connecticut. Free.
Presented by Christopher May, curator of T.I.E. The International Experimental Cinema Exposition
Sponsored by the Yale Film Studies Program and the Center for Latin American & Iberian Studies at the Whitney & Betty MacMillan Center for International & Area Studies, with funding from the U.S. Department of Education under the HEA Title VI for international, area, and foreign language studies.

Program notes from Christopher May:
Film (Parkour): The Argentine Reels

“... folky but experimental tinge, paid off well - both images and
sound, projector and instrument shared a rawness that matched
perfectly and gave the personalities onscreen an added layer of
meaning which at times was warm, funny, odd, contrasting,
-Sam Natch, Buenos Aires, argentina

"We know that this is the first time in history that this type of
Parkour material makes it into film; and this project does an
incredible job at highlighting the deepest values that move our lives,
leaving behind all superficiality."
-Walter Bongard, founder PKA, Asociación Argentina de Le Parkour

Film (Parkour): Austria and Flo


Eight Super-8 portraits of Vienna's parkour scene by:
Milena Krobath
Josephine Ahnelt
Paul Krimmer
Christian Kurz
Viktoria Schmid
Nadine Taschler
Piers Erbslöh
Lukas Schöffel

The Austrian "Parkour" films were made during a weekend workshop at
the "School of Independent Film, Vienna". Christopher May, who was
holding the Workshop, came up with the idea to produce a group
portrait of  Vienna's parkour scene. So all Students set up their
Super-8 cameras and went out to shoot the athletes. All works are
directly cut in camera and show the filmmakers personal viewpoint of
the scene. Every piece has a different background, some take close
looks at details, some try to follow the fast movement and then again
others try to become traceurs of their own.

After experiencing the "parkour feeling" the students started to
develop their films in the school's bathroom and put the different
works back in context to each other. The result of this was a triple
projection, premiering in the Filmmuseum Vienna on the next day. It
featured properly developed films as well as films, that turned out
very dark, together with a soundtrack, that was recorded on location.

Film (Parkour): Colorado with Jimmy & Dan / Chris, Bryan & Pedro

"Triumphant!...capturing traceurs' in their element, playing and
human, rather than objects of advertisement ....a slight undercurrent
of sensuous intimacy.. the lens found and lingered on the traceurs'
genuine smiles, the tip of the ear or the playfulness in both movement
and pause."
- Michelle Duer, writer

Audio Credits: Audio for this presentation includes on-site cassette
tape recordings plus original music composed  and recorded by Gregg
Savage with additional audio/song selections and arrangements by Eddie
Carrico Jr. and David Haddad.

*In addition to the Parkour films, Sin título (Focus) by Pablo Marin
will be included.
This Super-8 film was shot on a rooftop in Buenos Aires, this film
truncates space in ever inviting ways using a dizzying array of formal

**All films projected in this program are 16mm and Super-8 originals.
No other prints exits.

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