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From: Patrick Friel (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 13:07:41 PST

Hill's essay that accompanies the DVDs (which, alas, are only available at a
hefty institutional price) is available as a PDF on Video Data Bank's


On 12/4/09 2:58 PM, "Tony Conrad" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hi Bernie-----------
> In video, Chris Hill's great collection, Surveying the First Decade (Video
> Data
> Bank), uniquely expresses the kind of breadth and depth you're looking for. I
> am
> not sure her accompanying collation of texts has been published.
> ----------t0ny
> On Fri 12/04/09 3:30 PM , Bernard Roddy email suppressed sent:
>> Thank you, guys.
>> In contrast to my dream list a while back this title makes obvious
>> educational and financial sense, particularly if the history of video art
>> in the U.S. and Canada were covered (Experimental Television Center, Video
>> Data Bank, Electronic Arts Intermix, VTape, Bay Area Video Coalition,
>> Visual Studies Workshop, etc. etc.). This could be an inquiry into course
>> packs, but it's ridiculous we still have to rely on that. We're not
>> talking here about graduate education, where course packs are
>> understandable. A published text book signals to new students that there
>> is a credible discipline. Such a text would not be some final authority,
>> but would provide a variety of entry points for different kinds of courses
>> taught by faculty who work in film or video and who share a particular
>> orientation toward art and art history. For me it is essential that there
>> be a theoretical basis that motivates insisting on individual practices.
>> David James would be ideal wherefilm is concerned. Where video is concerned
> this is an even greater
>> challenge. But such a text also requires the pen of someone who has
>> weathered the storms of actual practice. Scott MacDonald comes very close.
>> But he seems engaged in a kind of archeology of cinema at the expense of
>> video.
>> It seems that whenever I search for such a text I am either reading about
>> British work and/or reading the writing of artists about their own work
>> (criticism/journalism). When I consider extremely accomplished thinkers
>> the work discussed is not avant-garde (and here the term must retain its
>> radical edge) and/or it is serious scholarship.
>> Bernie
>> --- On Fri, 12/4/09, Jonathan Walley ENISON.EDU> wrote:
>>> From: Jonathan Walley ENISON.EDU>> Subject: Re: looking for good intro
>> text> To: F
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>> PM>
>>> Brett is absolutely right about Renan's book.
>> I> didn't mention it because it ends at 1967
>> (obviously). A> somewhat "journalistic" account, but
>> an easy and> entertaining read. Renan's enthusiasm for the
>> subject,> unadorned by a lot of theoretical jargon,
>> is> refreshing.
>>> JW
>>> Jonathan
>>> WalleyAssistant
>> Professor, Department of> CinemaDenison UniversityGranville,
>>> Ohio 43203
>> y.html>
>>> On Dec 4, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Brett
>> Kashmere> wrote:
>>> It's
>>> not perfect, and it's probably no longer in
>> print, but> I've always been partial to Sheldon Renan's
>> "An> Introduction to the American Underground
>> Film"> (1967). 
>>> It's written in a straight-forward manner
>> and> covers a pretty wide range of filmmakers and
>> trends,> including some consideration of expanded cinema,
>> intermedia> performance, computer films, etc, towards the
>> end.> I
>>> don't remember exactly, but I believe there is
>> also some> attention given to developments in the
>> distribution and> exhibition of avant-garde films, and to
>> publications like> Film Culture.
>>> Brett
>>> KashmerePittsburgh 
>>> ----------------
>>> Date:    Thu,
>> 3> Dec 2009 19:25:44 -0800From: 
>>   Bernard> Roddy OO.COM>Subject:> looking for good intro text
>>> Greetings,
>>> frameworkers:
>>> Can
>>> anyone think of an introductory text that
>> combines a history> of experimental film and video IN THE U.S. with
>> a strong> discussion of the history of artists'
>> organizing,> writing, and distribution IN THE
>> US? > For
>>> Great Britain there's David Curtis' A History
>> of> Artists' Film and Video in Britain. 
>> This has the> distinct advantage of combining film and video
>> art criticism> with strong (and introductory) writing about the
>> social> history behind production, distribution, and
>> critical> reception. 
>>> It includes discussion of
>> "little> magazines," the "schooling" of
>> film artists,> institutional support for artists' work in film
>> such as> the Experimental Film Fund and the Arts Council,
>> as well as> issues motivating and confronting artists'
>> organizations> like the London Filmmakers' Co-op.
>>> I'd
>>> love to find something like this for the
>> U.S.  It would include> a history of things like Canyon Cinema and
>> the> Film-Makers' Co-op, Cinema 16 and Anthology
>> Film> Archives, in addition to offering a critical
>> context for> student work.
>>> Thanks
>>> in advance.
>>> Bernie
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