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For those whole love POV in all it's variety.

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Hello Friends,

I just passed a milestone in my recent Spoke POV Project:


POV == Persistence of Vision.

2 weeks ago I received a kit from Adafruit industries [1] for a kit of
components for 3 Spoke POV systems. With help and tools from the
Vancouver Hack Space [2] I built the 3 boards last week and then got
the software working tonight. I was able to take .bmp images and
flash them down to my boards. The boards are securely zap-strapped to
my spokes with a magnet on my front fork.

I would like to start a project for VHS to create some low-cost kits
for people to make their own Spoke POV systems and then to make a
night out of it where we build and share knowledge about these
systems. I'll make sure to post here when this starts to come together.


[1] - http://www.ladyada.net/make/spokepov/
[2] - http://hackspace.ca

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