Re: Sound on EIKI EX-2000N

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 12:36:12 PST

A guess:

This is probably a heat effect-- some part in the electronics is slowly heating
beyond its rated specifications, and needs to be replaced. You fix this with a
soldering iron and a can of spray coolant (available at electronics repair parts
places, or Radio Shack). You expose the electronics and turn the thing on
(careful not to get electrocuted!), then wait till it starts malfunctioning. Then
carefully begin spraying (freezing) the electronic parts, one at a time, until
you hit the one that is broken-- at which point the problem goes away, and you
solder in a replacement. No need to remove the old part, if you can clip all of
its leads but one.


On Mon 11/23/09 2:26 PM , Jorge Lorenzo Flores Garza email suppressed sent:
> Hello, everyone. I am working on some 16mm screenings in Mexico
> and it is hard to find sound projectors. I have an EIKI EX-2000N
> (xenon). Really good projector, but the sound is flaking on me. It
> starts ok and seems like it heats up or something and after some 10
> minutes it just distorts completely. Anyone has an idea of why that
> is happening?
> Appreciate any hints!!
> Thanks,
> Jorge L.
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