*°^°* La Calle ­ la Habitación | 24 Nov 2009 | Urban Research Screening | Kommunales Kino Freiburg *°^°*

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 05:57:48 PST

Urban Research Presentation

Tuesday 24 Nov, 19:30
La Calle - la Habitación

Kino Avantgarde
Kommunales Kino Freiburg
Alter Wiehre Bahnhof
Urachstr. 40
79102 Freiburg im Breisgau

La Calle - la Habitación
(The Street - the Habitat)
Urban Research at Kommunales Kino Freiburg

The film program Urban Research comprises works of artists who
explore urbanity in contemporary cities with experimental means. In
recent times, a growing number of contemporary artists have come
forward with personal and challenging views onto the changing urban
environment. This selection of films brings together films from the
realm of Latin lingua, mainly Latin America but also Portugal,
Chicago and a Latin enclave in Vienna. The artists' views reflect
daily life and they "deturn" or shift perceptions towards the less
ordinary. Some settings appear more common than expected - in certain
ways, urban life has become internationally similar and the artists
request the audience to read subtleties and notes in between lines.

In a report on the Red Cross in Mexico City, the daily ambiguities
between the middle class perspectives of Red Cross operation
volunteers, and the clean world of modern medicine on one hand, and
poverty and violence eruptions in the street on the other, make
visible the contradictions of the fragmented urban geography. Or, the
wildly growing building extensions of social housing projects, too
small in their layouts, aren't just adoringly depicted as informal
architecture but shown in all the contradictions between anarchy,
self-organization, daily life, internal conflicts and legal
insecurities. In other films, the gaze at windows of the neighborhood
or watching random encounters on the street reflect daily life and
private escapes; and the random encounters with abandoned magnetic
tapes on the street, or with the "spirit" of "super barrio" attempt
to link pop culture with the reality of vernacular life. One film
asks "where is Macondo" and finds that place not just in Gabriel
Garcia Marquez' imagination but in a barrio of Vienna (Austria) and
in Avacataca (Columbia).

Klaus W. Eisenlohr, artist and filmmaker in Berlin received several
grants such as "Cast & Cut" in Hannover 2004 and HIAP, Helsinki 2006,
and he organizes screenings and the Urban Research program with
Directors Lounge since 2005. Urban Research has been shown
internationally at cinemas in St. Petersburg, London, Freiburg,
Hannover, Berlin and Dordrecht. This program was selected and edited
with the support of Verena Grimm (Berlin/ Mexiko Stadt) and Fernando
Llanos (Mexiko).

01, Fernando Llanos, Citta,Mexiko 2004, 3:31
02, Verena Grimm, la + roja, Mexiko 2007, 13:33
03, José Matiella + Ivan Edeza, Sintia, Mexiko, 4:27
04, Jeremy Xido, Macondo, Österreich/ Columbia, 11:09
05, Alejandro Loaera, Los Atletas, Mexiko 2005, 3:52
06, Verena Grimm, Macht Strukturen, Mexiko/ DE 2007, 2:31
07, Carlos Matiella, Curamoss, Mexiko, 2:11
08, Casilda Sánchez, Insides, USA, 4:00
09, Beatriz + Carlos Matiella, Vecinos, Mexiko, 2:42
10, Carlos Matiella, Buda, Mexiko, 3:06
11, Noëlle Georg, A Promessa, Portugal 2005, 4:16
12, Hector Falcón, Simulacro, Mexiko 2005, 0:41
13, Paola Velasquez + Pilar Ortiz, Mutacion Block,Chile, 24:43
presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr




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