Re: xenon 16mm projector in Florida?

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Nov 18 2009 - 04:01:39 PST

Hi Jeff,
thanks for the info.
I have both kinds of loopers (and the motorized one runs on 110V).
I will check out your links.
But there are frameworkers in Florida, including the festival at
Gainesville where Roger Beebe shows 16mm. I know, because I was there
last February 22!
Maybe someone down there will be willing to rent one!
All the best,

At 4:25 -0600 18/11/09, Jeff Kreines wrote:
>Does your looper use a motor, Pip? Or is it just driven by the
>film? You may need to deal with 110v/60Hz power.
>You might try the lab in Miami -- Cineworks
>-- <> --
>while they don't make prints they may know the local rental
>availabilities. 16mm projectors are getting hard to find.
>International Cinema may rent machines, but they can be difficult to
>deal with. <>
><>Good luck!

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.