Re: Trains of Winnipeg on The Auteurs (Web Distro + BD)

From: Clive Holden (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 08:46:14 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

I'm curious about what people here think of the distribution
possibilities for av/ex films that are suggested by inclusion in The
Auteurs? Things do seem to be flowing in this direction (i.e. web
'rentals'; currently 'DVD quality' + I assume that this will develop
into full HD in the not too distant future; better and better 'web 2'
tools surrounding each work, for context and 'community').

Personally, I've been really surprised that Blu-ray Disc hasn't done
better as a filmmaker's distribution format (distributed to
exhibitors I mean - it's no longer ultra expensive to make,
duplicate, or play; it's MUCH better quality than DVD; and it's very
inexpensive to mail, which in practice is a huge consideration for
artists and venues alike - I thought it was one answer to a lot of
current problems). But... now the web is showing real signs of taking
over. What are the ups and downs of this?

But with The Auteurs we're talking home use distro.

Below are some of the works I found in The Auteurs' current listings
(presumably for future inclusion) that I think list members would
find interesting (I realize that a couple of the makers don't
actually show in video at all, so might never agree to being shown
this way). If you haven't visited the site, **you can encourage them
to include these works by clicking on 'I want to watch this film'**,
to give them an idea of future demand.

Some av/ex films currently Listed on The Auteurs:

WAVELENGTH, Michael Snow:
NOSTALGIA, Hollis Frampton:
DE MOUVEMENT, Richard Kerr:
TAMALPAIS, Chris Kennedy:
ALL FALL DOWN, Philip Hoffman:
MOTHLIGHT, Stan Brakhage:
RR, James Benning:
SCORPIO RISING, Kenneth Anger:

All The Best,



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On 12-Nov-09, at 3:21 PM, Clive Holden wrote:

Dear Frameworkers,


Some of you will know about a film I made a few years ago called
Trains of Winnipeg - 14 Film Poems. The film was part of a project
that had a number of objectives, or areas that I wanted to explore.
But one way I thought of it, from the start, was as a 'film
publishing project'. I wanted to see if it was possible to find
widespread and good quality 'personal use' video distribution for an
avant garde/experimental film. And now I finally have that, as the
full feature-length Trains of Winnipeg cycle is available on The
Auteurs: (as of today).

**Note that viewing is FREE for a limited time only.**


If you're looking to buy or rent Trains of Winnipeg for yourself or a
cinematheque or institution, you can do so at the Canadian Filmmakers
Distribution Centre: (35mm + DVD, the
whole feature-length cycle, or each individual short film).

In Europe only, exhibitors should contact the European Media Art
Festival: (35mm and PAL Betacam, feature-length
cycle only).

It's quickly becoming a rarity, but if it's possible for you to do so
please consider screening the 35mm print. However good these other
formats have become, this is still the PREMIUM way to see it (you
might call it a rough equivalent to seeing a musician live in
concert). Again, this is available thru either the CFMDC or EMAF.

The project's website will be left up for the long term as well, if
you want some context: .


All The Best,

-Clive Holden.


Utopia Suite
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