JUNK IS GOLD - a weekend of renegade film and music at WORM

From: Peter Taylor (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 22 2009 - 02:10:02 PDT

Greetings all!

Just some last minute notice of something interesting going on at WORM
in Rotterdam this weekend.

We begin with an open screening at 16.00 on Saturday. If you've
interest in that mail me off list at email suppressed

Kind regards


Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October **16.00 - 01.00** at WORM

DAY TICKETS including dinner **€**10



JUNK IS GOLD is a celebration of renegade film culture, a tribute to the
sense of discovery, reanimation and vandalism that characterizes that
dying contact
sport called 16mm film. Join us for the funeral!

Guest collectors and film makers:

Annette Frick

Kerry Laitala

Wilhelm Hein **

**Jack Stevenson **

**With twelve packed programmes over the two days, it's worth checking
WORM's website for further details and each day's schedule. Things kick
off on Saturday afternoon with an open screening at 16.00. Contact us
if there's something you'd like to show - we'd be very happy to
accommodate you. Till then!*
Music from:

Nudge (us) [Tigerbeat6 / Kranky]
Sister Iodine (fr) [Editionsmego]
Starving Weirdos (us) [Blackest Rainbow / Cut Hands]

/The term “JUNK” is used here in reference to collecting things that
have a value to you and which is perhaps not visible to others. And yet
this “junk” can interest the uninitiated if the pieces are re-ordered in
the right ways or are somehow brought to life by other processes,
jolting them out of their original context and giving them new meaning.
This implies not just “collecting” films but gathering up the fragments
of sound/image/object that exist in the lost uncharitable sea of 16mm
and distilling a personal meaning out of the raw materials. Junk in the
sense of something discarded, something that cannot be mass-produced or
sold back… junk in the sense of something taken apart and that no longer
serves its original purpose but that can be reassembled in intuitive
ways. Something you perhaps did not create but that you can re-create, a
medium, a process and an attitude that encourages individual exploration
rather than sedentary spectatorship. /JACK STEVENSON

WORM pays tribute to this intuitive, transient quality of 16mm film and
its endless potentiality with presentations by: Kerry the conjurer who
brings dead things to life, Jack the Junker, an accidental collector who
specializes in serendipitous encounters, and Wilhelm the dissident,
keeper of the flame of subversion.*

**ps forgive our multitudinous mailing sins


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