Godard tv series rental query

From: Joan Hawkins (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 09 2009 - 08:46:26 PST

Hi all, I am teaching a Post- Nouvelle Vague French Cinema class next term
and was hoping to teach some episodes from two video series that Godard and
Anne-Marie Miéville
put together. I used to be able to rent the titles from Electronic Arts
but they no longer have them. Does anyone know who's distributing them now?
thanks, Joan

JL Godard and Anee-Marie Miéville, *Photos et cie* (*Six fois deux* Part 3A,
1976 46 min);

* Jean-Luc *Godard , *France/tour/détour/deux/enfants*, Mouvement 11: *
Réalité/Logique* (Reality/Logic, European TV 1978, 26 min)

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