Frame Exposures w/Bauer A 512

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 01 2009 - 09:42:04 PST

I've been shooting time exposures at night with a super 8 Bauer A 512.
It has a flip out sensor that automatically controls how long the shutter will stay open on a given frame.
However in very low light environments, the shutter/camera takes forever to advance.
Does anyone know of a way to manually advance the camera--on the time exposure setting?
A sample of how the auto function works can be seen on the one color shot in my trailer at:
Although the camera is pointed up on the overhead electric bus wires, spill from oncoming car headlights will cause the camera to advance quicker, hence a darker image. However when there was little light, the shutter would stay open longer resulting in a brighter image.
I'm partial to the brighter image, but sometimes, ie shooting stars at night, there is so little light that it takes 2 minutes for each click. If each click were one frame, that would be okay. But this camera actually takes 18 shots for each frame! So a manual advance, like on a Bolex, would be optimal. Best I can tell, this is not possible on the Bauer A 512.
Anyone know otherwise?
Thanks, Ken
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