Re: "Art Cinema" - Taschen book coming soon

From: Gary Thomas (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 06:11:38 PDT

My copy just arrived...and it's quite fab. It's really lavishly
illustrated. Chapter headings are 'sub-genre', such as "Temps Morts,
Tableus and Duration" - so it's not an overview, and doesn't pretend
to be.

And the approach is broad than artist filmmakers - I think it's got
an admirably open definition of 'cinema', and it takes in artists
such as Candice Breitz, Gillian Wearing, and Jane & Louise Wilson,
who certainly engage with 'cinema', but might not be thought of as
making 'art cinema'.

There's no index of artists, but on first flip through, it seems to
me that it's admirably inclusive (at least name check wise) - and it
includes people from countries other than the USA (well, Europe at

 From a UK perspective, it's exciting to see artists such as Jayne
Parker, Patrick Keiller, Jane and Louise Wilson,

It's much more than a primier - I'd say it's authoritatively
provocative.. in a good way.


On 22 Oct 2009, at 18:21, julie murray wrote:

> It does not seem to include anywhere near as many women filmmakers
> as.., you know, the other kind.
> At least it appears so from a quick look through the pendulously
> illustrated pages offered on the publishers website.
> Julie
> >Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 10:45:29 -0700
> >From: Mark Toscano <email suppressed>
> >Subject: "Art Cinema" - Taschen book coming soon
> >Hi folks,
> >Here in LA, Paul Young has been working pretty hard for the past
> few years on a book that will finally be published by Taschen
> sometime this month (according to their website):
> >
> facts.art_cinema.htm
> >(or if the above link breaks up in your
> email)
> >I understand the book will be, as Taschen books usually are, very
> heavily illustrated, and accompanied by an essay that gives a
> necessarily succinct but thorough history of the landscape of art
> in cinema, artists' film/video, experimental film/video, avant-
> garde blah blah whatever we wanna call it.
> >Haven't read the text myself, but one reliable and eminent
> historian/scholar on the subject who checked it for Paul told me he
> thought it was really quite good.
> >Anyway, thought this would be of interest.
> >Mark T
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