how dominant cinema perform other cinemas

From: BAENA DIAZ, FRANCISCO (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 23:54:48 PDT

Hi all.

Like Peiman Khosravi last Saturday, this is my first time here. And like him, i am working in academic research. But my subject is other. In fact, i study the spaces of cinema, i mean, the different topologies for its exhibition -from "primitives" to expanded, including dark room, television, etc. In these days i need write a paper about the cine for museum -the "exposed cinema", in words by Jean-Christophe Royoux. And i would like to analyse a sequence from a movie in what we could see how cinema represents this new topology for itself. For example like Francis Ford Coppola represent the primitive cinema in his Dracula, when the (anti)hero (re)find his lover precisely over the scenario of a stall where the cinema is showed for first time.

So, what i need is a scene -a sequence- where any movie -from dominant cinema- perform the "exposed cinema". It is exist? Anybody can remember one?

(Excuse for my dirty english)



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