Frame line in Krasnogorsk-3 camera

From: Bernd Luetzeler (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 21 2009 - 23:30:08 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

I am working on a remote camera release for the K-3 camera and came
across a strange phenomena:
The camera seems to expose each frame in a manner that the frame line
ends up half way between two perforation holes.
says "Double-perforation 16 mm film has perforations down both sides
at every frame line. Single-perf only has perforations on one side of
the film."
Wherever I search I only find this kind of information.
Now, the question is: Will I run into problems when I give it to the
As far as I know projectors and telecine machines can adjust the frame
line, but what about positive prints?
Will it be possible to adjust the frame line in the lab and get a
proper screening print?



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