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From: Peiman Khosravi (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 11:34:25 PDT

 From this article "... we are not equipped to switch our visual
apparatus into non-survival mode long enough to sustain non-
interpretative viewing. "

This is very similar to what Scaehffer calls "reduced listening". A
mode of listening in which one listens to sounds for themselves rather
than what they represent. An anti-evolutionary attitude that takes
good practice to achieve.

Acousmatic listening is the opposite of direct listening, which is the
situation where sound sources are present and visible.
  The acousmatic situation changes the way we hear. By isolating the
sound from the
“audiovisual complex” to which it initially belonged, it creates
favourable conditions for
reduced listening which concentrates on the sound for its own sake, as
sound object,
independently of its causes or its meaning (although reduced listening
can also take place, but
with greater difficulty, in a direct listening situation). (Chion)

It is interesting that an acousmatic listening situation (in which
sounds are separated from their sources - i.e. no visual cues)
actually heightens the stimulation of the visual imagination,
particularly when no tangible physical sources are perceived. In the
same way that the "hearing" sense can be heightened and is heightened
in experiencing Brakhage. I cannot wait to get hold of the actual
writings of Stan Brakhage. Musicians have a lot to learn from him.



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