Lucky Dragons + Rose Lowder at Light Industry TOMORROW

From: Thomas Beard (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 12 2009 - 04:41:13 PDT

Light Industry
220 36th Street, 5th Floor
Brooklyn, New York

Lucky Dragons + Rose Lowder
A Benefit for Showpaper
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 7:30pm

In DIY solidarity, Light Industry hosts a benefit for Showpaper. Printed
bi-weekly and distributed for free around town, the broadsheet lists
all-ages shows in New York and the tri-state area, promoting events that
might otherwise slip under the radar­—a lineup of bands playing a Jersey
City basement will appear in Showpaper, if nowhere else. Each issue also
boasts full-color spreads by the likes of Brian Chippendale, Ben Jones, and
Raymond Pettibon, making it both concert guide and take-home gallery.

Tonight, LA-based electronic outfit Lucky Dragons, whose participatory
performances jam 21st century musique concrète with the fervor of a tent
revival, will play around and variously in dialog with five films by Rose
Lowder, a leading light of French experimental cinema. Rigorously composed
through single-frame 16mm shooting and elaborate in-camera editing, her work
creates complex and rhythmic explorations of perception and its limits. The
evening will run up digital against analog, silence against noise, and
promises to be a heady a/v experience.

“It’s a simple formula, and a magnificent idea: a huge list of all-ages
d.i.y. shows, absurdist horoscopes, a hipster-kid ‘I saw you’ section and
consistently rad artwork printed every two weeks and distributed to coffee
shops/venues/etc. to keep your broke (possibly underage?) ass in the loop.”
— Arthur

"Lucky Dragons create ecstatic music that completely transcends genres. My
attempts to describe what their music actually sounds like always fall short
of the magic they are making. I guess you could say it sounds like—ecstatic
magic. Challenging stereotypes that electronic music is cold and sterile,
Lucky Dragons' live show, though conducted via computers, is a truly great
celebration of the human spirit, giving real hope for the techno-future our
society is racing toward." — Artforum

Lucky Dragons live in Los Angeles, California and have recorded 19 albums
which are all available for downloading. They keep a busy schedule of
performances and visits and festivals and workshops and things, in the
present, and in the past: the 2008 Whitney Biennial, NY's PS1, the Centre
Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Philadelphia Institute for Contemporary Art,
the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art
San Diego, Frankfurt's Schirn Kunsthalle, Los Angeles' The Smell, NY's The
Kitchen, The Smithsonian Institute's Hirshorn Museum, Cooper Union, the
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, etc.

"I trained as a painter and sculptor in Lima, Peru, then in London. I worked
for a decade as an artist while earning a living as a film editor. I became
interested in research in film from 1977 onwards, establishing with
Alain-Alcide Sudre a non-profit organization, the Experimental Film Archives
of Avignon. The Archives have become a collection of 16mm films as well as a
paper document collection. The first is made available to the public with
films rented from other sources by means of annual screenings and the second
can be consulted freely as a reference library. At one point I wrote a
doctoral dissertation entitled 'The Experimental Film as an Instrument for
Visual Research' I also teach a filmmaking course at the Sorbonne, Paris,
with the grand title of Associate Professor.

Although I began filmmaking by pursuing concerns common to other
contemporary art practices, my attention was rapidly attracted by a twofold
feature of the photographic procedure which allows one to handle the content
and the form of the material while the process inscribes automatically some
of the traces and characteristics of the reality being recorded. This
paradox led me to study perception, the possibilities and problematics of
research in art as well as how theoretical approaches to experimental film
and traditional cinema have evolved. Underlying these studies is a search
for meaningful ways to work with film regarding our contemporary society
controlled by multinational economics. As the totalitarian environments of
urban landscapes become more and more uninhabitable, I seek, against the
grain in our 'virtual' space age it seems, a more human physical home." - RL

Tickets: $5 - $20, sliding scale, available at door.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.