Part 2 of 2: This week [October 10 - 18, 2009] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat Oct 10 2009 - 09:40:48 PDT

Part 2 of 2: This week [October 10 - 18, 2009] in avant garde cinema


Valdivia, Chile: Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia
3pm, Lord Cochrane

  Speechless (Scott Stark, 2008, 13 mins.). Fotografías 3D de vulvas
  humanas animadas y entretejidas con superficies y texturas de entornos
  naturales y artificiales. Las imágenes de genitales fueron tomadas de
  discos 3D ViewMaster que acompañan el libro The Clitoris, publicado en
  1976 por dos profesionales médicos. Material sexual explícito; se
  aconseja discreción. Origin Of The Species (Ben Rivers, 2008, 16 mins.).
  S, un hombre de 75 años obsesionado por la obra de Darwin, vive en un
  remoto rincón de Inverness-shire. Desde niño, se ha preguntado sobre la
  vida en la tierra y, aunque nunca fue un académico, encontró en Darwin
  muchas de las respuestas a sus cuestionantes. La misteriosa geografía de
  su mundo: su jardín, sus invenciones y el aislado pedazo de tierra donde
  construyó su casa después de una vida de trabajo alrededor del mundo, es
  el escenario para su postura frente a la vida en la tierra y el lugar de
  la humanidad en ella. California Company Town (Lee Anne Schmitt, 2008,
  76 mins.). Una mirada sagaz a los parajes de los pueblos fantasma de
  California, abandonados por las industrias que los crearon: otrora
  bullentes, ahora los pena el ocaso de la promesa americana. La historia
  siempre se ha plasmado en la tierra, un proceso que es notable en
  California, un estado cuya geografía ha sido fisurada para servir
  intereses privados y públicos específicos.

Victoria, BC, Canada: Antimatter Film Festival
9pm, at Open Space

  Formal collisions and fragmentation of source material forge new
  connections between analogue and digital. Shiny Things: Salise Hughes |
  DV | 2007 | USA | 5:30 | Can Premiere A bank heist and a jazz band
  backed by a singer made of sky perform a torch version of Neil Young's
  "Heart of Gold." When Worlds Collude: Fred Worden | DV | 2008 | USA |
  13:00 | Can Premiere An experimental film structured as a kind of
  specialised playground in which representational images are freed from
  their duties to refer to things outside of themselves. The images run
  free in their new lightness, making promiscuous connections with each
  other and developing an inexplicable, non-parsable plot line that runs
  along with all the urgency of any good thriller. When worlds collude,
  something outside of description is always just about to happen. The Sky
  Taped Together: Michael Sirianni | DV | 2009 | USA | 7:00 | Can Premiere
  This video explores the cycle of environmental and cinematic
  appropriation of the West. Composed of images digitally transferred from
  a VHS recording of the movie How the West Was Won, remnants of each
  technological generation come together to give the once fragmented sky a
  chance to stage its own act of re-appropriation. Lezzieflick: Nana
  Swiczinsky | DV | 2008 | Austria | 7:00 | Can Premiere A deconstructive
  remix of stereotypical representations of lesbian sex in hetero porn.
  The body forms become fluid, continually changing, and the women no
  longer appear to be available as the passive object of voyeuristic
  desire. The content of the image as well as the usual position of the
  subject are shifted. The material of the film appears to dissolve in
  satisfaction. Is there such a thing as beautiful "hardcore" camera work?
  Wound Footage: Thorsten Fleisch | DV | 2009 | Germany | 6:00 | Can
  Premiere Source material is a found Super 8 film. The visual carrier was
  attacked in a multitude of ways…scratched, cut open and violated. I
  captured an attempt to screen it. There it burned and was destroyed by
  the projector. With the video footage I provoked the encoding. As a
  result some pixels were dislocated. In the end I re-shot the film from
  the monitor while mangling the cables that connect the monitor to my
  computer. While seeming negative and destructive, the goal was almost
  humanist, the unification of the digital with the analogue world. They
  seem too far apart, yet they aren't. By exposing every material's
  weakness and injuries, it was made one. It's all visual sensations in
  the end. Rita Hayworth grindingly sings along. TF Freude (Delight):
  Thomas Draschan | 35mm | 2009 | Austria | 3:00 | Can Premiere Digitized
  high-resolution images form a rapid flow of visual associations. A
  filmic Large Hadron Collider that allows images to explode in the
  viewer's head. Micro and macrocosm, sex and religion, old Egypt and the
  Space Age are juxtaposed in this purely cinematic 35mm work. A "theory
  of everything," before modern physics could come up with one.
  Speechless: Scott Stark | 16mm | 2008 | USA | 13:00 | Can Premiere 3D
  photographs of human vulvae are animated and interwoven with surfaces
  and textures from natural and artificial environments. These images of
  genitalia were appropriated from View Master reels that accompanied a
  textbook, The Clitoris, published in 1976 by medical professionals.
  Perceptual Subjectivity: Philippe Leonard | 16mm | 2009 | Canada | 5:30
  | Can Premiere Ideas take shape in a kind of cerebral magma where
  referents are assigned to parcels of experience from which intelligible
  elements are formed. Perceptual Subjectivity is a visual essay on the
  structural formation of thoughts. Frottage/Dommage/Fromage 2 Vous: Rick
  Raxlen | DV | 2008 | Canada | 7:11 | W Can Premiere Clint Eastwood
  whistles with Kyle. "…far and away the most engaging work…creating such
  a heightened sense of awareness and connection to the screen. Visual
  music." – Marilyn Brakhage. Stardust: Gerda Cammaer & Gerstyn Hayward |
  16mm/8mm on DV | 2009 | Canada | 15:10 | World Premiere While others are
  quick to declare that film is dead, Stardust celebrates its dust and
  scratches, and its magical powers for time and space travel. It is an
  imaginary plea to preserve our dying celluloid past and to fight the
  take-over by digital technologies.


Brussels, Belgium: Bozar Cinema
4PM >11 PM, 23 Rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels

  16:00 | Mes 7 lieux (Boris Lehman, work in progress, 180'). 19:30 |
  Boris Lehman introducing Isabelle Wuilmart. Followed by Films
  ontologiques (Boris Lehman, 45'). 21:30 | Choses qui me rattachent aux
  êtres (Boris Lehman, 2009, 20', work in progress) 22:30 | Album 1 (Boris
  Lehman, 1974, 60'). Live soundtrack Lucy Grauman, Yves Kengen & Chantal

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas, Los Angeles CA 90028.

  Los Angeles Filmforum presents The GoodTimesKid and The Whirled With
  Azazel Jacobs and Ken Jacobs in Person! In a Los Angeles (if not a
  global) first, we host the father and son filmmakers Ken and Azazel
  Jacobs. Ken Jacobs comes with The Whirled (1956-61; 18 min), a short
  long unseen in Los Angeles (if ever) a series of improvisations with
  Jack Smith. Azazel Jacobs presents his second feature film The
  GoodTimesKid. (2005/2009; 77 min.), "an absurdist comedy of errors, a
  punk-rock slice of DIY rebellion, and a warmhearted frolic that captures
  the "amour fou spirit of the early French New Wave" (The Village
  Voice)." Note change in day! Los Angeles Filmforum, at the Egyptian
  Theatre. Saturday Oct 17, 7:30 pm. General admission $10,
  students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members. The Egyptian Theatre
  has a validation stamp for the Hollywood & Highland complex. Park 4
  hours for $2 with validation.

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30, 992 Valencia St.

  In its continuing commitment to redress social amnesia, OC is honored to
  host these six new historiographic initiatives. In its world premiere,
  with live audio by Dave Cerf, Green's 15-min 'Golden Record' revisits
  that idealistic project, curated by Carl Sagan, wherein the '77 Voyager
  spacecraft rocketed into the heavens with an LP that incapsulated a
  cross-section of human musical culture. ALSO: Lyle returns from his new
  base in Brooklyn to recap his Soft Skull Press release, 'On the Lower
  Frequencies,' a revelatory nonfiction account of the City's lower
  depths. Renwick's 'House of Sound' offers an homage to a now
  sorely-missed fixture, recently erased from Portland's traditionally
  Black neighborhood. AND Marc Moscato's 'The More Things Stay the Same'
  examines the life and world of Dr. Ben Reitman, known in his day as
  "King of the Hobos," "the Clap Doctor," and "the most vulgar man in
  America." PLUS Dara Greenwald's 'United Victorian Workers,' Kelly Sears'
  'The Drift,' and assorted media artifacts. $8.


Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas, Los Angeles CA 90028.

  Los Angeles Filmforum presents ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom with Puffy Cheeks) by
  Ken Jacobs with Jacobs in person! Los Angeles Premiere! 3-D! Ken Jacobs
  is one of the leading practitioners of film and video art in the world.
  We're delighted to host the Los Angeles premiere of his newest video
  work. ANAGLYPH TOM (2008, 118 minutes, DV-Cam) "Our beloved performers
  from the 1905 TOM, TOM, THE PIPER'S SON again encapsulate human
  absurdity for our amusement but this time in entirely illusionary 3-D."-
  Ken Jacobs. This screening concludes a weeklong residency by Jacobs at
  CalArts, REDCAT, UCLA and Los Angeles Filmforum. Los Angeles Filmforum,
  at the Egyptian Theatre, Sunday General admission $10, students/seniors
  $6, free for Filmforum members. The Egyptian Theatre has a validation
  stamp for the Hollywood & Highland complex. Park 4 hours for $2 with

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