Re: 16mm looper question

From: Marco Poloni (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 07 2009 - 02:45:55 PDT

Hi Andrew, this is a very late reply. Apologies for this. I know the loopers
made by focusfilm16. They are the 2-plate type, with a fixed upper plate and
a rotating lower plate. If I am not mistaken, these are the ones with the
upper plate made in plexi. I have seen them a lot in art exhibitions in
Germany and they function well. There is a limit in the length of film they
can accomodate because of friction. I believe this limit to be about
5minutes of film. They are copies of the loopers made by David Leister in
London, which are the rolls in this field of technology, but they are well
Good luck,

2009/9/30 andrew lampert <email suppressed>

> Hi all,
> Does anyone on this list have experience with loopers produced by the
> German company focusfilm16? They are based in Berlin and were recently
> recommended to me, however I'm not famliar with them. Just curious if anyone
> on the list has used their loopers and if so what feedback you might have.
> Thanks a lot,
> Andrew
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