Re: Gregory Markopoulos and colour

From: Joost Rekveld (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 28 2009 - 13:39:29 PDT

Dear Eleni,

black, white, red is one of many possible monochromatic triads, but
what's special about Black, White, Red is that if a culture has a
language with two colour words, these words are always versions of
light and dark, black or white etc. If a culture has three colour
words in their language, the third one is always red.

Now that is much more interesting than the fact that it is a
monochromatic triad, in my opinion.

See Berlin and Kay,
first Google hit gives

What this has to do with Markopoulos I don't know, I also remember
mostly greens and other colours when I think of the few films of his
I have been able to watch.

good luck,


On 27 Sep, 2009, at 12:20 AM, Filippou, Eleni wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am doing my PhD research on Gregory Markopoulos' work. I am
> writing now a chapter about his use of colour. Markopoulos uses
> mainly three colours, black, white and red. I found out that black,
> white and red is a monochromatic triad. Is anyone knows what
> monochromatic triad mean? Any other comments on Markopoulos and
> colour would be very helpful.
> Best wishes,
> Eleni Filippou
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