Gregory Markopolous and Colour

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Date: Sun Sep 27 2009 - 11:57:15 PDT


"Monochromatic triad" refers to the fact that two of the colors
(black and white) are achromatic as opposed to the third color (red)
which is chromatic.

Black and white in color theory/science, at least as it is taught to
painting students, are not really colors but the extremes of shades of
gray from white to black. In film which deals with colors of light,
black is the absence of light, white a mixture of all colors in the
spectrum which together produce white light, and the chromatic colors
are any of the individual colors in the spectrum. (The spectrum does
NOT include black or white.) Some examples of chromatic triads would
be red, yellow, and blue or yellow, violet, and green, etc.--i.e. any
combination of the colors of hue or chroma; those in the spectrum.


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>>> Hi there,
>>> I am doing my PhD research on Gregory Markopoulos' work. I am
>>> writing
>>> now a chapter about his use of colour. Markopoulos uses mainly
>>> three
>>> colours, black, white and red. I found out that black, white and
>>> red is
>>> a monochromatic triad. Is anyone knows what monochromatic triad
>>> mean?
>>> Any other comments on Markopoulos and colour would be very helpful.
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Eleni Filippou
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