Re: Chick Strand tribute screenings In New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

From: Patrick Friel (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 14:59:52 PDT

I can’t remember if she is on the list (she hasn’t posted, so I’m guessing
not), but Amy Beste has curated a show for the Conversations at the Edge
series in Chicago:

Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6pm, 164 N. State St

  Celebrated West Coast filmmaker Chick Strand (1931-2009) left behind a
  radical body of work exploring the space between documentary and poetry,
  truth and fiction, and the politics and pleasures of representation. A
  key figure in American independent and avant-garde film, Strand was a
  co-founder of Canyon Cinema in the mid-1960s and began her own
  filmmaking career at age 34, while an ethnography student at UCLA. This
  tribute includes her films Soft Fiction (1979), an exploration of female
  sexuality that raises provocative questions about storytelling, memory,
  and the performance of one's self, and the exquisitely abstract
  Kristallnacht (1979), an homage to Anne Frank and the resilience of the
  human spirit. 1979, USA, 16mm, ca. 75 min.

On 9/12/09 3:35 PM, "Mark McElhatten" <email suppressed> wrote:

> The late Chick Strand has been fondly remembered on this film discussion site.
> There will be a number of tribute programs devoted to her work this fall in
> New York, Los Angeles,
>  San Francisco and other locations. Other people on Frameworks may wish to
> provide more details or list other screenings scheduled or yet be announced.
> Flaherty in NYC at Anthology Film Archives – Sept 14.   ( the summer seminar
> programs were curated by Irina Liembacher)
> Los Angeles Film Forum  – curated by Adam Hyman – Sept. 23
> New York Film Festival – curated by Mark McElhatten and Gavin Smith – Oct. 3
> Occidental College – Los Angeles curated by Adam Hyman – Oct. 3
> Walking Picture Palace at Anthology Film Archives –curated by Mark McElhatten
> -Oct. 6
> San Francisco Cinematheque at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – curated by
> Dominic Angerame – Oct 23.
> Details for all screenings and relevant urls below:
> New York screenings include:
> The first will occur this Monday, September 14th at 7:30 p.m. as  a
> presentation of Flaherty in NYC and taking place at Anthology Film Archives at
> 32 Second Avenue in downtown Manhattan N.Y.
>  For the best source of information and all details go to the
> Flaherty website : <>
> This event will include a screening of
> Anselmo and the Women (1986, 16mm, 35min, Mexico) 
> Mosori Monika (1970, 16mm, 20min, Venezuela)
> Fake Fruit (1986, 16mm, 22min, Mexico)
>             Bill Brand, Barbara Hammer and Lynne Sachs will be present for a
> discussion as part of this presentation.
> Later in October there will be two additional tribute screenings in New York
> with a different selection of films. The first is at the New York Film
> Festival’s
>  “Views From The Avant – Garde” at the Walter Reade Theater. For all
> information and program description go to
>  Saturday October 3rd , 3p.m. at Views from the Avant- Garde NYFF
> Films to be screened:
> Angel Blue Sweet Wings (1966, 4min)
> Cartoon Le Mousse (1979, 15min)
> Kristallnacht (1979, 7min)
> Loose Ends (1979, 25min)
> Fake Fruit Factory (1986, 22min)
> Tuesday October 6 at 6:30 pm as part of THE WALKING PICTURE PALACE at
> Anthology Film Archives. Listing will be in the next Anthology calendar 
> and on their website in October. Go to
> Films to be screened:
> Waterfall (1967, 3min)
> Cosas de mi Vida (1976, 25min)
> Soft Fiction (1979, 54min)
> Elasticity (1976, 22min)
> Los Angeles screenings:
> LA Film Forum will have present a Tribute to Chick Strand at the Egyptian
> Theatre on Sunday, September 13 at 7:30pm.  Angel Blue Sweet Wings (1966, 3
> min)Guacamole (1976, 18 min)Cartoon le Mousse (1979, 15 min)War Zone by
> Marty Muller, aka Neon Park (1971, 3 min)By the Lake (1986, 9.5
> min)Waterfall (1967, 3 min)Kristallnacht (1979, 7 min)Elasticity (1976, 25
> min) They will also be co-presenting a free screening at Occidental College,
> where Chick Strand was a long-time professor, on October 3 at 5:00pm. This
> screening is curated by Adam Hyman. Anselmo (1967, 4 min)Loose Ends (1979, 25
> min)Soft Fiction (1979, 54 min) The San Francisco Cinematheque in
> association with Canyon Cinema will present a tribute curated by Dominic
> Angerame. “ After Day Comes Night and After That, Day Comes Again” on Friday
> October 23 at 7:30 pm.  The screening will be at the Yerba Beuna Center for
> the Arts.Irina Liembacher, Steve Anker, Dominic Angerame will introduce. Go
> to
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