articles/info on curating and collecting experimental film and video art

From: Masha Godovannaya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 13:56:19 PDT

Hi frameworkers,

I'm working on a presentation for an artist community in St.
Petersburg, Russia, and looking for some articles and information on a topic of how to
collect and curate experimental film/video and video art.
 If you have any suggestions, please, let me know. It will be really

Also, knowing that many people on this list do curate programs of experimental works, I
will be really happy to hear what you think about the process and what your
strategies (if any) and experiences in programming works. May be you
have some articles printed or posted?

I've done some programming of experimental Russian films in the past
and have my own thoughts about it, but would be extremely interested
to hear other people's opinions.

Thanks in advance!




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