press release: The JSF Releases Volume 16

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Date: Tue Sep 15 2009 - 07:50:18 PDT

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 16

(September 15, 2009) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 16
today. The JSF is celebrating its fourth year of publication and
continues to be one of film’s best repositories of short work. To
date, the JSF has published over 160 filmmakers from over a dozen

Volume 16 includes eleven films from a diverse group of American
filmmakers. Whether through humor, seriousness, or trickery, these
artists tackle linguistics, parenthood, romance, kinetics, street
performance, the challenge of capturing the ephemeral, and much more.

The complete list:

1. HOW TO DRAW CLOUDS – Salise Hughes (2006, 2:10) A poetic meditation
on the desire to make permanent what is ephemeral. 2. SANS
SUPERVISION – Andrew T. Betzer (2006, 11:00) Over three outings with
her parents, a little girl suspects she may be the only adult left in
the family. 3. COLOR FILM – Meghan O’Hara (2008, 6:50) A short film
exploring the gap between language and perception. 4. ARCHIVE: THE
CHANGING WORLD OF FILM – Charlie Cline (2004, 6:00) A series of clips
in the style of early actualities, demonstrating the consequences of
breaking the rules of film language. 5. IT’S HARD TO WRECK A NICE
BEACH/IT’S HARD TO RECOGNIZE SPEECH – Adebukola Bodunrin (2007, 15:00)
A quirky tale of language, society, adaptation, and what makes us who
we are. 6. PEEKS – Jo Dery (2009, 2:20) Momentary glimpses of
construction and destruction in our man-made and natural world. Made
with collaged images from National Geographic. 7. PLEDGE – Ann
Steuernagel (2006, 6:00) Using a mounting crescendo of music and
images of masculinity, PLEDGE is a meditation on violence, innocence,
and the everyday. 8. CALIFORNIA KING – Eli Akira Kaufman (2008,
21:00) A mattress salesman, who employs faux science to sell beds,
falls for an insomniac who knows her science better than her heart.
Episode two of the series, My Dead Gay Son. Newly deceased, Bunny Boy
must find a vocation in the afterlife. 10. WATCH ME BREAK IT DOWN. –
Julie Perini (2006, 00:39) Julie Perini proves that any space can
become a temporary disco with this series of improvised dances in
public locations. 11. COUP DE FOUDRE – Stacie Sells & Cassandra
Troyan (2008, 15:00) Initial intentions aim at using more personally
aggressive actions as a way to subjectification, by acknowledging,
then conquering, stereotypes of femininity.

The Journal continues to have a free and open submissions process.
Submissions should be sent to The JSF, PO Box 8217, Columbus, OH
43201, USA. The Journal remains ad-free and committed to independent
and underrepresented work.

Contact: Karl Mechem, publisher, The Journal of Short Film, contact


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