Re: looking for prints

From: Mike Stoltz (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 12 2009 - 09:06:36 PDT

Here's Brakhage's own words on pulling the film, from Scott Macdonald's, *A
Critical Cinema 4*, in the discussion dated 3/23/97:

"*Brakhage:* ...It's a difficult question these days because I feel that the
society has come again to where there is so little understanding of
children's sexuality.

In fact, I have removed *Lovemaking* (1968) entirely from distribution.

*MacDonald:* I didn't know that.

*Brakhage:* The worst horror I can imagine is that some pornographer would
try to use its stature to excuse* his *porn on the Internet, or wherever. It
isn't just that I'd be afraid of the kind of trouble that the film might
cause *me*; it's the horror that someone would use my attempt at a lovingly
felt, deeply meant revelation of a human being for these horrible purposes
and get it tangled up in the law. So I recently removed it, with great
sadness. I could say, "Well, I removed it because people are not ready for
these kinds of considerations," but how are they ever going to *get *ready
for them? It's a dilemma for me."

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