IMPAKT FESTIVAL 2009 // Accelerated Living

From: Stoffel Debuysere (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 09 2009 - 09:42:16 PDT

Hi all,

Just a small note to say that we've done a program for the Impakt
Festival, which will take place from October 14 till 18 in Utrecht
(Netherlands). The program draws on this year's central theme -
"accelerated living" - and explores notions of time and speed.

We'll be screening works by Gary Beydler, Bruce Conner, Ivan Ladislav
Galeta, Chris Garrat, Dryden Goodwin, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster,
Jean–François Guiton, Gerard Holthuis, Philip Hoffman, Peter Hutton,
Ken Jacobs, Jim Jennings, Kurt Kren, Malcolm Le Grice, Mark Lewis,
Jeanne Liotta, Rose Lowder, Gordon Matta-Clark, Pavel Medvedev, Marie
Menken, Dietmar Offenhuber, Rafael Montańez Ortiz, Yo Ota, D.A.
Pennebaker, Ilppo Pohjola, Michel Pavlou, Artavazd Pelechian, Norbert
Pfaffenbichler, William Raban, Joost Rekveld, Nicolas Rey, Emily
Richardson, Guy Sherwin, Morten Skallerud, Michael Snow, Stom Sogo,
Scott Stark, Makino Takashi, Leslie Thornton, Andrei Ujica, Chris
Welsby, Joyce Wieland, Fred Worden and Iván Zulueta

Furthermore there will be performances by Guy Sherwin, Dirk de Bruyn +
Joel Stern, Bruce McClure, Thomas Köner, Arnold Dreyblatt Ensemble,
Thomas Brinkmann, Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim, Charles Curtis,
Carol Robinson & Bruno Martinez (performing Eliane Radigue’s
Naldjorlak I, II, III), and a bunch of other people. There will also
be an exhibition (with works by Julieta Aranda, Jonas Dahlberg, Vadim
Fishkin, Glenn Kaino, Guy Sherwin, Thomson & Craighead and Guido van
der Werve) and a conference dedicated to the theme. Besides that,
there's of course the traditional selection of recent film and video
work, compiled by Impakt.

You can find a preview of the program on The
full program will soon be online on
If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please come and join us.

looking forward!

Stoffel & Maria

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