16mm film for sale: cheap

From: scott nyerges (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 07 2009 - 08:02:32 PDT

Hi all:

I've got a bunch of 16mm movie film that's been sitting in my freezer for years, and I need to get rid of it.

I have:

3 100 ft. rolls of Kodak Vision 2 color neg film
1 100 ft. roll Kodak Vision 250D
1 100 ft. roll Eastman 7222 Double-X negative
1 400 ft. roll Eastman EXR 100T 7248
1 400 ft. roll Eastman 7363 High Contrast film
1 50 ft. roll Vision 200T SUPER 8 color negative film

All sealed. Boxes/cansters have a little label damage from condensation but have otherwise been kept bagged in the freezer.

Also 3 short ends on 100 ft. spools of T125 color film (I can't remember if this is Fuji or Kodak).

Make an offer. I need to get rid of this stuff. I'm in NYC. Contract me off-list if you're interested.


-> Scott Nyerges

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