query RE: purchasing 1200' 16mm Split & Take-up Reels

From: Maļa Cybelle Carpenter (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 10:07:27 PDT


It's been a while since I last purchased 16mm split reels from a place in
North Tarrytown. It seems they are no longer in business as I can't find
reference to them anywhere.

I found online EEP Corp in LA sells 16mm split reels. Has anyone purchased
from them recently? A 1200' 16mm Aluminum Split reel is $82 which seems
about correct to me for a new reel.

I'm also looking for a 1200' plastic take-up reel. Does anyone have one for
sale nearby SF?

Your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to email me directly.

Thanks so much.

Best regards from a surprisingly sunny SF,

Maļa Cybelle Carpenter
President, Board of Directors of Canyon Cinema
Mobile +1510.681.6780

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