salon screening opportunity (brooklyn)

From: kerrie welsh (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 16:06:18 PDT


I am helping curate / organize the salon at Ulla's House this fall.
The salon has been home to experimental performances, readings, and
screenings over the past three years, and we are trying to include
more film / video artists this fall.

Combining party with performance, the salon at Ulla’s House is a space
for artists and audiences to hang out together. The house has no walls
on the second floor, creating a long and narrow loft-like performance
space. Each salon cross-pollinates the art world in a different way;
we invite proposals from dancers, performance artists, actors, film
and video artists, poets and musicians, among others. This is a space
where artists can really experiment, and we encourage proposals that
creatively take advantage of this unique space and audience.

Spaces are limited- please forward selectively and/or recommend
artists to us that you think might fit.

If you're interested, send us an informal description of what you
might do via email (& links are great) and a proposed date. We have 2
video projectors and 2 16mm projectors that you are welcome to use.
Usually each piece lasts less than about 20 minutes, with 4 to 6
pieces an evening.

Proposed dates for Fall 2009: Saturdays: October 24, November 21, December 19

looking forward,

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