help the little guy keep buying film & video supplies

From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 24 2009 - 14:57:37 PDT

I went to Media Distributors today, which is the ONLY place in San Francisco
to buy film and video supplies at wholesale prices.

They have a sign up saying that as of 9/1/09 the minimum sale is going to be $50.00.
This might go up to a $200.00 minimum sale.

The person working said it is because the bosses from LA think it takes too long to ring
up an order, so their solution is to only ring up big ticket orders.

She said most of their business is the smaller stuff and the bosses think the employees
are just wasting their time. (????that really doesn't make any sense to me...)

I think maybe they should streamline their process, instead of taking it out
on us poor people who can only buy a little bit at a time.

Anyway, I asked for the address to write to the management about this.
Maybe you would want to complain to them, too.

attn: Larry Davine
c/o media distributors
10960 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

thanks for reading, maybe we can change this.


Kristie Reinders, B.F.A.

Director of Cinematography, Electric Visions

Curator and Head Projectionist, Electric Mural Project

The Mission, San Francisco, CA

'A first class technician should work best under pressure.'

- - - Issac Asimov

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