Deadline for Helen Hill Award nominations

From: Dan Streible (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 23 2009 - 18:07:59 PDT

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Helen Hill Award 2010
Nominations open until September 1st.

The Film & Media Studies Program at the University of South Carolina,
the Nickelodeon Theatre of Columbia, South Carolina, and New York
University's Department of Cinema Studies collaborate to give the
biennial Helen Hill Award. To honor the legacy of filmmaker, film
educator, animator, activist, and Columbia native Helen Hill, the
award supports innovative independent filmmakers.

This year the award will fund its recipient to attend the 7th Orphan
Film Symposium, April 7-10, 2010, at the Visual Arts Theater in New
York City. There the recipient will screen her or his work for an
eclectic audience of filmmakers, scholars, archivists, curators,
collectors, students, and others working in media beyond the

Send nominations (including self-nominations) for the award to
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This award honors work that affirms Helen Hill's artistic legacy,
lived values, and everyday passions. In a film culture dominated by
corporate interests and the values of consumerism, the Helen Hill
Award supports radically independent, innovative filmmaking of
exceptional talent. The award will go to a filmmaker whose work
celebrates and embodies such things as creativity, self-expression,
animation, small-gauge film, homemade movies and all things made by
hand, collaboration, generosity, liberal spirituality, activism, love,
play, community, and connection.

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