Labs/S8 Transfers

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 14:26:54 PDT

just getting thru my back-logged cue of Frameworks emails, so apologies in advance for re-addressing a recently dropped thread...
...but since the 'NYC Labs' thread morphed into west coast labs, and S8 telecine, i thought i'd respond:
Alpha Cine in Seattle is the all-round best lab i've ever worked with: perfectly processed and scratch-free b/w and color negative S8, ultrasonic cleaning, and *extraordinary* customer service.
as for S8 transfers, after testing 4 or 5 across the country, Pro 8 in burbank had the steadiest, sharpest results and will capture onto tape or hard drive, Pro Res or uncompressed. (i would however, do a test before shooting with their re-canned stock! the re-formated 7363 was full of light leaks and scratches)

Dave Andrae (et all), please note there are many factors that contributed to jittery S8 transfers, among them: camera registration, the cartridges internal pressure plate, lack of steady torque on the take-up side of the cartridge, telecine technology, and most critical of all--the stabilization software (if any at all) employed at the point of transfer.
a particularly revealing discovery was that the the spindle on the take-up side of the cartridge needs several feet of stock on it before a steady pull can be maintained on the film as it moves past the gate from the feed side. i now simply run off a few seconds of each new cartridge prior to shooting. it's wasteful indeed, but necessary in order to maintain the degree of steadiness that i've sought--and finally achieved!--for my current project.
a new trailer from said footage will be up on my 'Crooked Beauty' site in a week or so. stay tuned...
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