Re: Eiki 6000

From: Ed Inman (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 11:47:52 PDT

I think this one should work:

The Ushio lamp is also listed here at more than twice the price:

Some unsolicited advice: read up on the proper way to change xenon--you should wear protective clothing and safety goggles.


FYI: As a guide, Ken Layton provided this info to efilmforum back in '03:

Here's a guide to the xenon lamps for Eiki 16mm projectors. Listed by Eiki part number, Ushio lamp number, and projector model:

5106 UXL-300-DE-0 for EX-1520, EX-1510, EX-1500 (300 watts) Also try Ushio # 5000343 or Osram XBO300W/OFR

5107 UXL-351-E-0 for EX-2000, EX-350B, EX-300SL, EX-3000N (350 watts) Note this lamp is also made by Superior Quartz Products as # SQP-SX3501. Also try Ushio # 5000350.

5110 UXL-500D-0 for old EX-3000, EX-3020 (500 watts) Note these are pedestal projectors. Also try Osram XBO450W/OFR or Christie CXL-451-0

5111 UXL-550-DA or UXL-550-ME for EX-4000-P (550 watts) Also try Osram XBO550W/HTC.

5112 UXL-1000-DA for EX-6000 (1000 watts). Also try Osram XBO1000W/HTP or Christie CXL-10

5113 UXL-10-SAZ for EX-6100 (1000 watts) Also try Osram XBO1000W/HS or Christie CXL-10-S

5114 UXL-2000-HE for EX-9000, EX-9100, EX-9120 (2000 watts)

UXL-1000-HK-0 for EX-5000, EX-5020 (1000 watts) Note these are pedestal projectors

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