TIE (3 Programs)

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Date: Mon Aug 10 2009 - 03:43:28 PDT

TIE (3 Programs)
August 11, 2009, 7:00PM
Denver, Colorado
Crossroads Theater
2590 Washington Street

Join us for the following three programs that illuminate the continuing
vitality of experimental cinema with 16mm and 8mm films from Argentina, USA,
Austria and Australia, including world premiers. Guests, Pablo Marín and
Christopher May, among others, will be present to introduce and answer

Program 1: Sin título (Films by Pablo Marín)
TM (2008, Argentina, 16mm, sound on CD)
NYC (2006, Argentina/USA, Super-8, sound on CD)
Bajo tierra (2007, Argentina, Super-8, silent)
Untitled Trilogy:
Sin título (Focus) (2008, Argentina, Super-8, silent)
Sin título (Snoopy) (2009, Argentina, Super-8, silent)
Sin título (Parte tres) (2009, Argentina, Super-8, silent)
Manual casero para detectives en pequeña escala (cap. 1-3) (2009, Argentina,
Regular-8mm, sound on CD)

Program 2: Pets (Films)
Gabriel Goes for a Walk (Karl Staven, 1996, USA, 16mm, optical)
Untitled Insect Film (Jesse Kennedy, 2009, USA, Super-8, silent)
Cat and Bird (Noah Stout, USA, Super-8, silent)
Excerpt from Film (Parkour) (Christopher May, 2009, Austria, Super-8,
outside sound)

Program 3: Guided Angle (Films)
Collide-A-Scope (Gregory Godhard, 2009, Australia, 16mm, silent)
And We All Shine On (Michael Robinson, 2006, USA, 16mm, optical)
Sad Lexicon (James Cole, 2009, USA, 16mm, silent)
Mystery School (Jerry Tartaglia, 2009, USA, 16mm, sound on CD)


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