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From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 28 2009 - 18:45:28 PDT

Mentioning Leighton Pierce reminded me of his beautiful piece, IIRC
called "Myself In Water."

I know Francois Miron has done one or two with water as a major element.

Also, I remember a thrilling short experimental doc from about '87 or
'88, made in France, IIRC about people who water ski, without water
skis. I can't remember the title, but much of the soundtrack consisted
of a song called "Barefoot Heroes."

Ken B.

Quoting Richard Herskowitz <email suppressed>:

> In 2002, when the Virginia Film Festival theme was WET, I gathered a hit
> parade of experimental programmers (Scott MacDonald, Mark McElhatten, Kathy
> Geritz, Steve Seid, Ralph McKay, John Columbus, Patti Bruck, and Abina
> Manning) to join me in programming experimental films on water and fluids.
> Guest filmmakers present included Leighton Pierce, George Kuchar, Brian
> Frye, Lynn Hershman, and Eve Heller. Here are the titles I pulled off the
> Virginia Film Festival website, although I don't think it's a complete list:
> Acquatics (Half-Lifers)
> Aquatica (George Kuchar)
> Atlanta (Miranda July)
> Barbara Hammer, Pools (Hammer, 8 min.)
> Bautismo (Casey Koehler)
> Bridge (Joris Ivens)
> Bridges Go Round (Shirley Clarke)
> Buoy (Robyn Moore)
> Cargo of Lure (J. Hoberman)
> Celtic Crevasse, The (George Kuchar)
> Cold Pieces (Seungho Cho)
> Coots (Guy Sherwin)
> Creation (Stan Brakhage)
> Crossroads (Bruce Conner)
> Cyclone Alley Ceramics (George Kuchar)
> Dark Room, The (Minyong Jang)
> Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs (Walid Ra'ad)
> Dolce e Calmo (AFAME)
> Drowning Room, The (Reynold Reynolds)
> East 7th Street (Dara Albanese)
> Eaux d'Artifice (Kenneth Anger)
> Field: Short Version (Ernie Gehr)
> Fire of Waters (Stan Brakhage)
> Going to the Ocean (Matt McCormack)
> Great Mojado Invasion, Part II (Guillermo Gomez-Pena)
> Green '62 (Lewis Klahr)
> Hannah Can't Swim (Randall Good)
> Harry Houdini: There's No Escape That I Can See (Harrison & Wood)
> Interlace (Luis Recoder)
> Kristallnacht (Chick Strand)
> Land's End (Phil Solomon)
> Leaves Little to Be Desired (Chris Robbins)
> Looking at the Sea (Peter Hutton)
> Made Manifest (Stan Brakhage)
> Man Who Could Not See Far Enough (Peter Rose)
> Manual Labor (Jeff Wadlow)
> Marilyn's Window (Stan Brakhage)
> Study of a River (Peter Hutton)
> Stuffing (Animal Charm)
> Surfacing on the Thames (David Rimmer)
> There's a Pervert in My Pool (Martha Colburn)
> This Side of Paradise (Ernie Gehr)
> Thot-Fal'n (Stan Brakhage)
> Transulucent Appearances (Barry Gerson)
> Trip (Donigan Cumming)
> Two Boys, The (Jason Livingston)
> Uncle Evil (George Kuchar)
> Untitled (Eve Heller)
> Untitled (Julie Murray)
> Visitation, The (Nathaniel Dorsky)
> Waste Land, The (John Smith)
> Water for Maya (Stan Brakhage)
> Waterways: 4 Saliva Studies (Vito Acconci)
> We're Here to Serve You (Ximena Cuevas)
> Window Water Baby Moving (Stan Brakhage)
> Wormhole, The (Jessica Sharzer)
> Your Heart the Anchor (Dina Ciraulo)
> Yuletide Surfers (George Kuchar)
> Memory Waters (Emmanuel Shrinian)
> Mes Amis les Poissons (Sylvie Laliberte)
> Moon Streams (Mary Beth Reed)
> Muktikara (Jeanne Liotta)
> New Brooklyn to New York via the Brooklyn Bridge (Thomas Edison)
> Passages (Lisl Ponger)
> Pool Caddy (Emily Breer and Joe Gibbons)
> Red Rock Falls (Paul Ryan)
> Reflecting Pool (Bill Viola)
> Riley Roily River (Paul and Marlene Kos)
> Riverglass (Andrej Zdravic)
> Sailboat (Joyce Wieland)
> Seasong (Richard Reeves)
> Shawana-Illinois Canal (Anonymous)
> Shipfilm (Stephanie Barber)
> Short History of Water, A (Gary Kibbins)
> Sky Blue Light Water Sign (J.J. Murphy)
> Sleepy Haven (Matthias Muller)
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