Re: moviola repair bay area

From: Amy Miller (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 28 2009 - 16:17:34 PDT

Hi Alain!

Jerry (323-467-3107) at Moviola didn't say whether they still had
parts, but I'll be contacting him again trying to piece this together
and let you know! Thank you so much for your contacts and ideas..."two
heads are better than one", heh heh. Wayne did mention that he had the
FAF Steenbeck, and worked on those machines, but he said he didn't do
repairs on Moviolas. Your point about poor image quality is taken, and
personally I love Steenbecks...just trying to see if this other machine
can be repaired. I'll let you know what I find out as I go along.
Again, TAT (thanks a ton ;)

On Jul 28, 2009, at 12:07 PM, 40 Frames wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 10:09 AM, Amy Miller <email suppressed>
> wrote:
>> Thanks for the postings and your help!  I'll try to contact Adam
>> Liberman in Portland...  It may be easier to bring the repairman to
>> the flatbed?!  Anyone know where or how to contact Gibbs Chapman?  Is
>> Alain thinking of Wayne at Wild Strawberries Editorial at Lee
>> Utterbach Film Center?  If so, I gave him a call, and Wayne suggested
>> Moviola in LA...I had spoke with Jerry at Moviola, who said he didn't
>> think there was anyone in the world who was repairing moviola
>> flatbeds, and their techs left years ago.  I am imagining that not
>> every moviola flatbed repairman has crossed over, and may be willing
>> and able to help?!   I'll try to see if I can get in touch with
>> Warren Haack at SFSU about this, and thanks again for the
>> suggestions!  If there are any more that come to mind, I would be
>> very grateful....
> Yes, I was referring to Wayne at Wild Stawberries. I knew he did some
> service work on Steenbecks (his own 1901 and the machines that used to
> live at FAF), but was uncertain about whether he had touched Moviolas.
> Adam Liberman services KEM, Moviola, and Showcron. He's tough to get a
> hold of, and with hourly rate and travel cost rather expensive.
> For Gibbs try (says Google).
> For Warren try (address suppressed) They still have M86 and M77 machines.
> Warren is familar with working on them, and flatbeds in general, but I
> don't think he has much time these days.
> The Art Academy of SF usually has someone on staff who does work on
> older machines, however I have had no contact with the new person, and
> don't know how much experience they have or time available.
> Regarding your contact with J&R/Moviola, did Jerry say they still have
> parts for any Moviola machines?
> Oh, I almost forgot Joel Marshall and Steve Quick at Atomic Film.
> These guys are another great resource.
> --Alain
> P.S. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but the M86 and M77
> Moivola I thought offered poor imagine quality,
> a late-1970s KEM Rapid, or 80s Steenbeck ending in 1201, 1601, 1901,
> 901, or 921 has far superior image quality. I'd go with one of these
> machines if you can find one.
> --
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