Re: Scary Docs or Docs about Scary or eerie subjects...

From: bryan mckay (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jul 24 2009 - 14:26:00 PDT

This might not entirely be what you're looking for, but Anna Lorentzon
and Barbara Bell's GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR is an interesting new doc on
s&m. It played at Slamdance and a friend of mine programmed it at
Fantasia this year.

SNUFF is decent. It's pretty much what you expect from the title an
inconclusive look at the existence (or lack thereof) of snuff films.
It has wide DVD distribution though, which if you're programming it
for a festival might make it less interesting for you.

Another recent doc that I haven't seen but was also programmed at
Fantasia this year is Julian Nitzberg's THE WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES
OF VIRGINIA. Not scary, but definitely odd & demented subject matter.


On Jul 24, 2009, at 4:59 PM, Ariella Ben-Dov wrote:

> Dear all, I am looking for scary documentaries or documentaries with
> eerie,
> odd or scary subjects or subject matter. Some films that come to
> mind are
> The Angelmakers by Astrid Bussink about a group of women in in post-
> World
> War I Hungary who poisoned many men in their rural town. Also, Demon
> Lover
> Diary by Joel DeMott and Jeff Kreines about the making of a horror
> film that
> turns into a real life horror film. Any other suggestions would be
> greatly
> appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Be well, Ariella
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