Re: The whole online submission thing, sort of, again

From: Bart Weiss (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 22 2009 - 22:08:19 PDT

The problem is many pieces on line are not well encoded.
We take both. It is clear to me that the days of sending a dvd will
soon be over. Which makes staff time less, which means lower entry
fees (except for those festivals who bloat up on fees)
Clearly there are some project that I would rather look at on a good
dvd, for now.
Next year at our festival we give a discount on the entry fee for an
on line submission.
bart weiss

On Jul 22, 2009, at 11:48 PM, Brook Hinton wrote:

> Howdy Frameworkers.
> I'm thinking about this whole question of online viewing vs. dvds for
> submissions, not so much for festivals who will obviously determine
> what works for their process, but curators, venues, etc.
> Here's my particular bias, and I wonder where others stand on this
> now:
> First, I hate dvds. Hate them. Sometimes, though not usually, more
> than VHS. Even for previewing work that is video to begin with. So
> much that I prefer seeing other people's work in some other way
> whenever possible, and that I am loathe to send them out myself. But
> until recently I was reconciled to this plastic disposable glitchy
> unreliable motion destroying landfill fodder as a necessary evil.
> In the last few months, I have come to feel that - with the exception
> of work that is dependent on an interlaced display for whatever reason
> - a well encoded h.264 standard def file at a DSL data rate is so
> close to (and at higher rates better than) "dvd quality" that it seems
> just silly to automatically send out screeners on DVDs, the majority
> of which will be thrown away. h.264 is now viewable on 90% of
> computers since it is supported by both flash and quicktime. And
> frankly, unless I'm watching a piece of interlace-dependent video art
> or have access to a very high quality large calibrated broadcast
> monitor, I find most laptop screens - while technically lacking - more
> conducive to a cinematic viewing experience.
> I have a couple of curatorial projects coming up and I know I'm going
> to strongly encourage that people who can set up previews of their
> work for me to see online rather than sending screeners. My "cinema
> brain" is now activated pretty strongly when clicking on a file on a
> computer - far more than it ever was inserting a tape or a dvd (though
> still not nearly as much as it is in a dark room full of strangers
> with good projection).
> How are others feeling about this nowadays? And again, I'm talking
> about non-festival submissions - I understand the difficulty in
> insisting on online submissions in any open call situation or where
> there is no access to broadband.
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